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Healthnovations International

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In the Spotlight: The Healthnovations Approach


Healthnovations Launches the Developing Communities Initiative
Developing Communities Initiative (DCI) is a comprehensive public-private partnership designed to improve the quality of life for families and individuals living in marginalized communities across the United States. DCI collaboratively implements innovative, community-based projects addressing the following areas: health, economic development, education, housing, transportation, and safety issues.

Healthnovations Establishes Insaaf Dawakhana in Pakistan
Healthnovations International establishes Insaaf Dawakhana, a primary health clinic with a community health workers program serving the urban slums of Hijrat Colony Kachi Abadi in Karachi, Pakistan. The clinic will be home to the Healthnovations Institute for Translational Medicine and Novel Therapeutics Research.

Healthnovations Breaks Ground on Cancer Center in Tanzania
Healthnovations Executive Director Asad Moten and Healthnovations Tanzania Director Aliasgher Saajan announce the establishment of Tumaini Cancer Care Center at Jaffery Zahanati, Healthnovations health center in Moshi, Tanzania. The center will offer radiation and medical oncology services, outpatient chemotherapy, laboratory services, counseling, and education.

Healthnovations Microinsurance Program Wins Legatum Grant
The Healthnovations Microinsurance Program attempts to break cycles of poor health and poverty in regions with high rates of poverty, disease burden, and mortality. Our schemes aim to lower patient out-of-pocket spending at the time of illness and ensure access to health services, the first characterized by voluntary membership, monthly pre-payment to the rural clinician, and risk-sharing, and the second offering microcredit plus interest to cover immediate out-of-pocket health costs.